The Russian-Swiss Educational and Scientific Center for the Transfer of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology was established with the support of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, the Swiss Embassy in Russia, the Pharmaceutical Institute of Basel (Switzerland) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Research, Science and Production

We are engaged in modeling, experimenting, producing aerogels, organizing conferences, developing experimental installations, setting up production processes and producing innovative pharmaceutical products.

Our main research areas are: supercritical drying and adsorption, freeze-drying, dispersion encapsulation, aerogels and pharmaceuticals. We actively conduct scientific research and publish in international scientific journals.

Modeling and software development

  • We are engaged in software development and consulting, create databases and information resources;
  • Development of technologies for obtaining multifunctional nanoscreened powders (using ultrasonic injectors);
  • Research of innovative methods of encapsulation for the tasks of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries;
  • Mathematical modeling, automation systems, expert systems, development of simulator programs for forecasting processes using a high-performance supercomputer (peak power 3732 Gflops, CUDA);
  • Research and mathematical modeling in the field of biotechnologies and processes of membrane separation.


  • Mathematical modeling

    • Conducting numerical experiments to develop new technological processes and equipment.
    • Modeling of existing equipment and technological processes
    • Development of mathematical models for automated control systems for technological processes
    • Development of mathematical models for the design and scaling of technological processes

  • Experimental research

    • Carrying out of experimental researches with the purpose of selection of technological parameters of processes for maintenance of the maximum quality of finished products and minimization of power expenses for manufacture.
    • The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, oriented to work with pharmaceutical, chemical and food substances.

  • Equipment manufacturing

    • Creation of prototypes of the process equipment according to the customer’s drawings.
    • Sale of own design for drying, adsorption in supercritical conditions, taking into account the specific requirements of customers.


    • Development of design documentation for equipment of any complexity.
    • Development of production technologies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Solution of problems of optimization and increase of energy efficiency of technological processes of existing productions.

  • Preparing seminars

    • Drafting of the program, organization of banquet breaks.
    • Formation of lectures and presentations, according to the topics of the seminar.
    • Provision of equipment for visual demonstration of the process / installation.

  • Conducting trainings

    • Training of employees to deepen and improve the professional knowledge required for the current level of development of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Our lab

In our laboratory, we conduct experiments to obtain various kinds of airgels, investigate supercritical processes using modern analytical equipment (high resolution microscope with the possibility of synchronization with a PC, a spectrophotometer, a dissolution tester, general purpose equipment)

Our equipment

Our projects

(Русский) Развитие сверхкритических технологий: совмещение и интенсификация процессов под высоким давлением
(Русский) 2018-2019 гг.
Adsorption deposition of polar organic substances in biopolymer aerogels from three-component supercritical liquid mixtures
The study of phase transitions of organic substances from an amorphous form to a crystalline one in porous carrier matrices (aerogels)
A new generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid airgels for industrial applications: from laboratory to industrial production
Development of scientific foundations for the preparation of solid soluble forms of poorly soluble drug compounds by introducing them into the airgel matrix using supercritical fluid technology
Research on the creation of a universal blood substitute for use in the stages of medical evacuation of the wounded and injured
Development of high-precision mathematical and computer models for assessing the nanostructure and properties of new compounds for pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine

We are open for collaboration!

Our main directions are pharmaceutical and bio-technologies. We are modeling different processes, developing new equipment and implementing the developed solutions!

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Our team

Our team under the supervision of Professor Natalia Menshutina consists of experienced professionals – PhD’s, postgraduate students and masters.

Natalia Menshutina
Director, Prof.
Elena Guseva
Deputy, PhD
Maria Gordienko
Deputy, PhD
Eugene Lebedev
Deputy, PhD

Our partners

We are collaborating with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the world’s leading universities and a number of Russian companies as well.


123514, Moscow, ul. Geroev Panfilovtsev, 20
Phone: +7 (495) 495-00-29