The Russian-Swiss Educational and Scientific Center for the Transfer of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology was established with the support of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, the Swiss Embassy in Russia, the Pharmaceutical Institute of Basel (Switzerland) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Our lab

To date, the Center has its own equipped laboratories, located in the Tushino Training and Laboratory Building of the Kurchatov Technical University. DI. Mendeleev University.

The Center has at its disposal such equipment as:

  • Laboratory unit for granulation and coating Hüttlin (Bosch, Germany).
  • Laboratory installation of fluidized bed Mini-Glatt (Germany).
  • Buchi Mini-Spray Dryer (Switzerland).
  • Insulator of SKAN AG (Switzerland).
  • Spray dryer Niro (Denmark).
  • Self-designed device for freeze-drying in a fluidized bed using ultrasonic nozzles Sono-Tek (USA).
  • Freeze drying CoolSafe (Denmark).
  • Plant for obtaining ultrafine powders (Patent for invention No. 2513623, priority date 14.11.2012)
  • A device for freeze drying of biologically active substances (Patent RU 00098672 U1)
  • Ceramic microfiltration membrane module of own manufacture
  • A hollow fiber membrane bioreactor for the cultivation of mammalian C2025 cells from FiberCell Systems Inc.
  • Sterilizing fermenter / bioreactor Biostat Sartorius (Germany).
  • Installations of its own design for carrying out processes in the environment of supercritical fluids:
    – 2 reactors per 50 ml of supercritical adsorption,
    – 1 reactor for supercritical drying for 250 ml,
    – 1 supercritical drying reactor for 2000 ml.
  • Installation of own design for CO sorption processes
  • Installation of its own design for the study of materials as sensors for industrial gases.
  • Oil and oil-free compressors, pumps Atlas Copco (Sweden)
  • Liquid chromatograph Agilent Technologies (Germany).
  • Dissolution test tester SOTAX AT 7smart (Switzerland)
  • Spectrophotometer “Ekros” PE-5400 (Russia).
  • Optical microscope MicrosAustria (Austria).
  • Moisture Analyzer Axis Asg500 (Poland).
  • Thermal conductivity meter ITP-MG4 “100” (Russia).
  • Thermaometer E6-13A (Russia).
  • A computer for high-performance parallel computing using a GPU (6-Core Intel Core i7, 64 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080).
  • A computer for high-performance parallel computing using a CPU, consisting of a chassis with HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure blade servers (16x HP ProLiant BL460c Xeon E5345 QuadCore) with an installed licensed product Ansys Fluent 17.

123514, Moscow, ul. Geroev Panfilovtsev, 20
Phone: +7 (495) 495-00-29